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All-new MD Series Medical (Molecular Sieve) Oxygen Generator

·All-new MD Series Medical (Molecular Sieve) Oxygen Generator 
·New type of oxygen generator with multiple modules parallel connected.
· Oxygen production perfectly satisfies clients’ demands with high performance-price ratio.
·Each module can work independently.
·If any module breaks down, the rest keep working.
·Flexible module combination with concise pipe+cable connection.
·The Adsorber of Oxygen Generating Module is optimally designed to minimize the molecular sieve tunneling effect, and to better the efficiency of oxygen generating.
·The newly designed Adsorber effectively eliminates rubbing between molecular sieves by using Mechanical Pre-tightening Technology which reduces the pulverization of molecular sieves.
· Made from aluminum alloy with oxidation treatment, the Adsorbers have better performance in corrosion resistance than carbon steel ones, and are 30% lighter in weight
· Modular design lowers the height of the generator as well as the difficulty of installation.
· Flexible shape and size make the shipment easier, and reduce the space of plant room.

Layout of Dual Oxygen System

The applications of PSA Oxygen Systems are successful in medical institutions all over the world. Meditech products are compliant with the requirements as follows:
-US, European and Chinese Pharmacopeia;

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