MD Portable Medical (Molecular Sieve) Oxygen Generation System

  • Brand: Ausmedi
  • Product Code: MD-PSA02

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Portable Medical (Molecular Sieve) Oxygen Generation System


 · Apply to small/medium-sized hospitals, clinics, VETs, and other medial institutions
 · Removable generation system
 · Oxygen purity 93%±3%
 · Both high pressure and low pressure systems available
 · Work perfectly with power generator
 · Integrated design covering sub-systems of compressed air treatment, filter, oxygen generation, data monitor
 · Display information on oxygen purity and pressure


Model MD-10 MD-10L
Oxygen Flow 10(LPM)
Oxygen Purity 93%±3%
Oxygen Pressure Max.0.45MPa(65psi) 0.05MPa(8psi)
Power 220-240VAC 50HZ
Power Consumption 1000W 600W
Display Purity ×
Alarm Low Purity Optional

Pressure over range

Dimension   660×415×825mm
Weight   70KG 50KG
Option   High-Efficiency
Option   One year Warranty


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